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Aller directement au contenu. Aller directement au menu principal. Quebec :Chronicle Printing Company, Patronized by HRN. Fuod ControlNo. The selection of a neutral country for this purpose. The Allies have sufficient confidence in this country that whoever comes hetc for trigt will receive a trial equal to the highest traditions of the British nation, and these.

That is why we decided that the author of this war should be tried. Sir Samuel Hoare. Unionist for Chelses, warned the Government that some of the Unionists considered the settiament of the Irish difficulty just as urgent as did the Irish members. The Premier caused laughter by describing the Irish convention which had failed to agree as his attempt to apply Presidem Wilson's principles to Ireland. Until this difficulty was bride- ed. John R. Lord Robert Cecil and other members took pan in the debate. Lord Robert Ceeri spoke in favor of a renewal] or thi revision. Premier's Speech.

Pramigr Lloyd George.

Women in sioux st casimirquebec to fuck

He believed this reflected the spirit of the grem public outside. The League was in the nature of an exper ment. He considered France jus. With regard to the criticism of the peace treaty. How could she pay that?

Lloyd George. It is useless to talk abou German soil. Germany has lost three-quarters of her iron ore, one-third of her cca! No body could think that she would be able to pay eighteen hundred millions even if all there were still in her possession. Turning to the question of conscription. Lloyd George reiterated that it was necessary to retain a strong army unti!

Women in sioux st casimirquebec to fuck

Everything, he added. Concerning Russis, the Govern: mant still stood by the policy he announced a few months ago. Pramier Lloyd George announced today in the House of Commons, as a result of the strike. Some of the mines, he stated would be ruined. The government is sending men irom the fleet to aid in pumping ous the mines. The Yorkshire coal fields, the Premier said, produced tons of coal a year and were second largest in the United Kingdom.

The Government, he said. Usneil this happened, he added, the Government would ta keevery means at its disposal to save the mines and to afford protection to those willing to work. He said the special commissioner sent there, Sir Eric Geddes would seek to co-ordinate cfforts to overcome the serious menace threatening Yorkshire The action of the miners in atrik- ing, the Premier stated, not only jeopardize their own means of Hvelihood but threatened disaster to every one in the district.

Heretofore, such workers have been allowed to con- tinue At their tassk during strikes. Lloyd George said the last twenty-four hours had witnessed very grave and unprecedented develop! While unconfirmed but police reports placdd the at a much greater e. Of the dead, ons was a city Getective, shot through the breast by a negro woman who was firing iadiscriminately from the upper story of her house. The negress, a girl of about 17 years also was sbot but not fatally. In another part of the city the blacks firing from a garage door kept a pro-; vost guard of soldiers, soldiers and; marines at bay, for several minutes before being shot down.

Women in sioux st casimirquebec to fuck

Many clashes occurred between! One negro attacked on the back end of a! Each of the four men were only slightly wounded. The fighting at midnight had resolved largely to fighting between small groups and in one of the encounters a marine was reported to have been killed, although service men had taken part in the eari4 clashes. The most serious were those in which the mobs were made op of civilians. The probable death Let in the nights fighting later was increased to four by the death of a second city detective who succumbed to wounds reeived early in the evening in the fight which resulted in the instant death of his fellow-detective.

Haery Wiison, the first detective killed, was shot by 6 17 yesr old negress who had opened fire from the second floor of a residence near Second and G. A second negress opened fire from the ground floor of a house across the alley when the pemes and guardsmen ripe the house which the first was holding. Thompson, the second detective to die, was wounded during the clash. Only one arrest wag m us a resuit of the attack the young negross who was shot threugh the bips.

Norfolk Riots Norfolk, Va. Four persons,! Rear-Admirat C. Grayson, his persora! Wilson re main in bed until he had completely recovered. O'Connor, Nationalist, ex- no one was killed. All police reserves and detachments of armed sailors from the navel base were called on to quell the disturbance. It appesrs, however; that if any such arrangement has becy effected it must have been by another than the preseme [. He asked whether Mr. Lloyd George meant to withdraw from his contract with regard to Ireland. What was the good of the Premier talking about German perfidy in breaking the treaty with regard to Belgium, when he himsets was breaking his eontract.

President Wilson. Devlin's Protest. The peace meaty bill passed the amendment. When the third rend ing was moved Joseph Devlin, Nationalist, demanded its rejection ss a protest agains tthe Premier's reference to Irelend.

Lloyd George, replying, ridiculed the suggestion that his attitude toward Ireland had chenged, He said he adhered to his position announced to the general election and was pre- d to carry it into effect, 1] ome Rulers, be added, could bave Home Rule for themeslwes if they wished it, but they could not force it on Ulster. The House then rejected Mr. Both Italy and Rumania have mani- fasted dissatisfaction with the attitude of the Pcace Conference towkrd the question of their t boundaries with Jugo-Slavia.

There has been no hint. Latest Sporting News. Official Minutes of City Coumell. Shipping News. Financial and Commondal Nowe. He said he regrected that the peace terms should in themselves prevent Germany from giving immediate reparation and making speedy paymen: on part of the indemnity. They are properly proportioned, com-fortable in every way. All with one-quar- ter sleeves. Materials Woo! Don't let the other fellow get ahead of Rofo sl you. The fresh water Pear] is a genuine Pearl. Sard-Onyx, I will be some time. Beryl Topaz. Germany can only beg the: i Entente to hasten matters.

In the other Prov.! Max Prince Rupert. B54 0 Vimcouver. RTI 13 Moose Jaw. John Le. Upper St. Lawrence and Ottawa Valley: Westerly winds; a few scattered showers, but mostly isit and waren. Lower St. The result was surprising. At all deslers or sent postpaid on receipt of price by Fruita-tives Limited, Ottawa. Plans and forms of contract can be seen and specification and forms of tender obtained at this Department, at the offices oi the District Lagincers, at Rimouski.

Tenders will not be considered unless made on printed forms supplied by the Department, and according to conditions set forfh therein. War Loan Bonds of the Dominion will also be accepted as security, or War Bonds and cheques if required to make up an odd amount. By order, R. Prowince of Quebec, District of Quebec. Alphonse at Bagotville, District of Chicoutimi, Defendant. You should not mise this wonderful drama of the Far Eset, with the famous English charscter actor, H. Warmer, in the Jeadrole. In spite of the intense heat lange crowds flocked to the ALLEN yesterday and in the cool comfort of the theatre enjoyed this splendid finn which brings cut the great talent of Miss Frederick and commande attention throughout, It depicts in 2 natural manner the character development of ang emotional woman and her final ti.

Women in sioux st casimirquebec to fuck

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