Ways to find god

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His parents get a day out on their way back home before realizing that he was not with them, and it takes another two days to find him. After leaving Jesus alone for three days, his mother shames him by blaming him for going missing.

Ways to find god

Here is a very interesting exchange. Substituting God for Jesus, this can be restated as the following:. Mary misplaces God and then blames Him for going missing. God then responds to Mary, you knew where I would be found. When we do notice Him not there, we question where He has gone as if it was His decision for us to be separated. A Christian without the presence of God is in a frightful place. Our life, security, and success all come from God going with us. If you feel alone from God, try these five ways to find God and to bring you back into His presence.

There are things man can do and things that God can do, but God likes to do things that only He can do through me and you. As we gravitate toward activities that only God can do, He opens Himself to us to be used by Him and engaged with Him. God is attracted to faith Hebrews Faith is expressed through believing in God over what we can see.

Ways to find god

We can talk to them about the love of God expressed through salvation, financial provisions, release from depression, physical healings, satisfaction of dreams, etc. God cares deeply about people and when we choose faith that God is going to show up over what looks impossible, God is greatly pleased.

Sometimes we are too stressed to hear what God is trying to say. We need to cease from striving and wait on the Lord. Listen to some worship music or just be silent. He adores you and will be attracted to your heart opening up to Him James Then we are opened up to be enlightened to where God is working in our lives now. We are not meant to walk this life alone. God oftentimes makes us need others to enlarge His joy. He loves the unity of His children, and He will speak to us through others because it delights Him.

It is in unity that God bestows blessings Psalm It is not meant to only be us and God. Are you looking for God? He could be hiding in the presence of another. This is not meant to be a complete list, but I hope it gives you some tracks to ride on.

God wants to be found. He says if we seek Him we will find Him. At the same time, He will not prostitute Himself by giving Himself freely to those who are not wanting to commit to Him. God wants to be pursued, and He wants to be found. Wonderful and impacting. Can we add this to the ways no three; as we are listening to worship music or be silent. Thank you. Did you get ed up to the s? May you experience a greater intimacy with the Father. Thank you for the message Coach.

Hi Kevin, Thank you for this post. However, something that was mentioned at the beginning of this post kind of bothered me and increased my fear. It could be that He is silent, but even there, if we truly seek Him, we will hear Him speaking, even in the silence. Thanks for this post.

I have prayed to become better in my prayer life. And I have been blessed with you to help me. Thank you for your calling to be a prayer coach. Substituting God for Jesus, this can be restated as the following: Mary misplaces God and then blames Him for going missing.

Go look for something that only He can do. Take risks. Be still and rest. Read the Bible. Pray with friends. Related Posts: What God Wants vs.

Ways to find god

And, the difference between them has… Expect Good Things From God It's wonderful my daughter asks things, but ultimately she trusts our love. We have all been there. We find it easier to think God is against us rather than being for us. Read several examples of what… How to Position Yourself to Hear God Speak God oftentimes is waiting for us to see if we are interested before speaking. He longs for a relationship with…. Tags: confidence faith growth guide list resource rest scripture wisdom. Nicole July 1, at am. Love it!! Kevin Shorter July 1, at pm.

Thanks Nicole. Kevin Shorter June 14, at am. God will use everything to help us find Him… if we are looking. Vineet July 8, at am. All aspects are clearly defined. Thanks for posting such a blessed article. Hannah karnwhine August 27, at pm.

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Ways to find god

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What Does it Mean to Find God?