Romantic things to say to your boyfriend in a letter

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Some would say that writing a love letter is a dead form of communication, a relic from olden days that's irrelevant in the era of instant gratification where we find ourselves today. At a time when we are separated by visible and invisible barriers, forced apart by social distancing, and almost completely reliant on more impersonal forms of communication likesocial media, and video chatting, a love letter is a particularly meaningful and romantic gesture because it's slow, intentional, and deeply personal.

Here's a step-by-step guide on how to write a love letter to a partner, a crush, or just about anyone. Writing a love letter to a long-term partner such as a boyfriend, girlfriend, or spouse can be a great way to affirm or even rekindle your love for each other.

Mental health counselor Chaute Thomson, LMHCpoints out that couples can often forget to keep connecting with each other as they get swept up in the hustle and bustle of daily life. So, a love letter can be a moment to step back, get in touch with your emotions, and show some serious affection to your partner—particularly if it's not something you often do with each other.

The greeting is important because it will set the tone for your entire letter, so you want to make sure you start off with something that will catch their attention and keep them reading. Don't just start with "Dear [name]"—instead, greet them with something more romantic or personalized.

Pet names and inside jokes work great. Is it an anniversary or another special occasion? Did your partner come through for you in a big way and you want to show appreciation? Have you just been feeling a lot of love for your partner and wanting to show your affection? Whatever it is, say why you are writing the letter to give your letter some context. The body of the letter is where you will really pour out your heart. For a longtime love, you want to talk about memories, overcoming obstacles together, what made you fall in love initially, why you still love them today, and what you see in the future.

Recall a romantic memory—the first date, the first time you saw them, your wedding day, an anniversary, a special vacation, the first time you laughed together or cried together, etc. The point is to make it meaningful. Closing or wrapping up the letter is important because it is where you sum up all the things you have just laid out in your letter. This section shouldn't be that long since you've put the meat of the letter into the body. Writing a letter for a crush is a lot different from writing a love letter to a partner.

For starters, writing for a crush can be really scary because there is a risk in putting yourself out there if you have no clue if the feelings are mutual. However, there is no way to know how they will respond if you don't open yourself up. Many of the tips given in the section of writing a letter for a longtime love or partner apply to writing a letter to crush, though obviously the difference is you don't know them as well.

Here are some general tips for letter writing for a crush:. Love letters can be a really romantic way to let someone know you like them, but they can also come off strong and can veer into "creepy" territory if you're not careful.

Before writing a full-throttle love letter to a crush, you should have some sense of where they stand—some inclination that they might feel the same way about you. If you know that you're both crushing on each other, a love letter can be a great gesture.

Romantic things to say to your boyfriend in a letter

Alternatively, you can write someone a love letter simply with the intention of making them feel loved, without making it about trying to start a relationship with them. Sending an extremely affectionate love letter to someone who has no clue that you like them or who doesn't view your relationship romantically might be overwhelming and can make some people uncomfortable. Consider whether you're writing this letter for their benefit or for your own; if the latter, it may make more sense to write the letter without sending it.

This can still be a very therapeutic process for you! It can be powerful to hear someone describe shared memories and interactions from their point of view. Consider describing how you've experienced your time together:. Many people love receiving compliments that make them feel good about themselves; if nothing else, most people are interested in hearing how other people see them. Without going over the top, describe the little things that make this person special to you.

Don't just focus on their outward appearance—talk about their inner qualities, such as their strength, resilience, playfulness, passion for their work, etc. Don't be too general in your letter. Don't just say that you like them or that they caught your interest. Tell them why you like them and how they make you feel. If you're feeling stuck, find inspiration. Look for examples of love letters that say things similar to what you want to say. Look at the great poets and writers and find inspiration in their words.

You can even quote them if it feels appropriate. Make sure they know why you're writing this letter. Are you just wanting to make them feel good? Are you telling them how you feel because you're hoping they might feel the same way? If you're not sure where the recipient stands, it is important to let them know that there isn't any pressure on them to do anything, to respond to the letter in any specific way, or to feel the same way you do. If you and the recipient are already in a process of courtship i.

When closing your letter, consider imagining what the relationship might look like:. Before you even put pen to pad, you need to get yourself in a letter-writing state of mind. According to Laura Louis, Ph. To get yourself into a mindset of creativity and inspiration, you need to manage your environment. You don't need to be an expert writer to get your point across, but you should take the time to think about what you want to say before you start writing.

Romantic things to say to your boyfriend in a letter

It's OK if you have to write and rewrite the letter a few times before you get to a version that you are ready to send. Practice makes perfect. If you don't like what you've written, don't settle. Keep at it until you end up with something you love, which will ensure your recipient loves it too. At the same time, don't put too much pressure on yourself. The recipient will most likely appreciate your efforts, and their focus will be on the sentiments shared in the letter and not on how "well" the letter was written.

A good love letter will make the recipient feel loved, cherished, accepted, desired, special, and important. As you're writing, think about not just what you want to say but also how you want the person to feel as they read your words. Thompson suggests thinking about the five love languages as you write—aka touch, words of affirmation, acts of service, gifts, and quality time. Which of these ways does this person enjoy receiving love? The way you deliver your letter is almost as exciting as the letter itself.

This is where you can get really creative and have some fun with it.

Romantic things to say to your boyfriend in a letter

We live in a "microwave society" where people want things "quick, fast, and in a hurry," Louis says. But that's what makes letter writing so special. It takes time to put together and is a permanent testament to your love that doesn't disappear in a long thread of text messages.

Lover letters are one of the greatest exemplars of true romance. The letter isn't even the romantic part but rather the idea that your lover is thinking of you even when they are not physically in your presence. Writing a love letter lets them know their importance in your life, captures what makes your relationship special, and demonstrates what makes the person you are with amazing to you.

Finally, a love letter allows your partner to see themselves through your eyes, which is, in itself, a gift. Want your passion for wellness to change the world? Become A Functional Nutrition Coach! Enroll today to our upcoming live office hours. Our FREE doctor-approved gut health guide.

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How to write a love letter to your partner:. Be ready to get vulnerable.

Romantic things to say to your boyfriend in a letter

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