Okcupid buffalo ny

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Not sure why. Below is a sample of exchanges from the last two years. From: ny—— Hi…I read your profile and it sounds like we have alot in common. I hope I am! Hope to talk to you soon! I think we are a terrible match! You have some interesting hobbies, but our worldviews are wildly different. I think that numerology and astrology are not at all accurate, for example. My name is —— and I thought you were really cute. Do you have any favorite things to cook or eat?

Do you like to travel, if so where have you been or you would like to go? Well I think we have some common interests, and I was seeing if you want to talk sometime? DebGod: Hi! I just read this and appreciate that you reached out. But your message is so generic that it le me to think that you just sent the same message to a dozen different people on OKC, hoping some of them would respond. I would like to engage in conversation and communicate with people here, but I want to make sure they have some sense of who I am first.

From: th—— Hey how are you? Text me if you want —— j——.

Okcupid buffalo ny

Can you send me more info? I have Sunday and Mondays off. June and July are busy months for me at work! When I get the chance, I like to go hiking. I also like to hang out and play Trivial Pursuit or go to bars occasionally. I enjoy taking walks around the city at night and seeing what I can find. What about you? You included almost no personal information in your message to me.

What is it that made you reach out to me? Just curious.

Okcupid buffalo ny

I was on on my phone typing back and i like to keep it short sometimes. I like to go golfing, I go to bars once in awhile with my family members. I rarely drink so I tend to stay away. I like to go to the movies, I walk my block twice a day 4 days a week. I tend to stay in most nights. Do try to get out once or twice a week with friends. Family and friends and very important and family is the base of everything else. What I noticed about your profile. Too me it starts with a good conversation.

Okcupid buffalo ny

By all s you seem well grounded in what you want. What do you mean by that? Religion has been complicated for me. I grew up catholic. I dont believe in some of the views of the church. I did visit a church in PA called Real Life. It was interesting. DebGod: Thanks for sharing. Good luck with that, though. Good luck to you on here! Curious to know more about you, where are you from? Nyk——: Kenmore, what do you do for fun?

From: le—— Hi, how are you? Your message is so very generic that I wonder if you even read my profile. There are many words on the effective end of our list like zombie, band, tattoo, literature, studying, vegetarian yes! Talking about specific things that interest you or that you might have in common with someone is a time-honored way to make a connection, and we have proof here that it works. I am told that the original incentive for starting OKC was to gather data that could then be analyzed by the folk running it. I forget where they came from, might have been Princeton but some of my MIT friends know them.

I ed up to kick the tires and see what was going on and if it was more or less likely to end up causing the problems that have appeared in other sites. So it does seem to be fairly good at matching like with like.

Okcupid buffalo ny

One of the things I have found rather worrying about perceptions of Internet risk is how off the mark they have been. When we started doing the Web inmy main security concerns were fraud in online shopping, physical attacks when people meet through an online dating site and various types of politically motivated violence.

It was an adults only club at the time. But when they did arrive, it seemed rather obvious that they were going to be a much bigger risk to each other than at risk from adult predators. The risks kids pose to each other were ignored till pretty recently. People think that they can trust someone they have known online for months.

Okcupid buffalo ny

But the Internet filters out the non-verbal cues people use to assess risk and build trust in real world situations. Both are observant Jews, nerds, and gamers and found the site an excellent way to meet people with the same set of interests. Apparently I registered an OkCupid back in I have no recollection of this, but they did!

So I went in last night after reading your article and updated my and added photos. It was fascinating. Within 5 minutes of adding photos my profile had gone from 0 views to 6 views.

Okcupid buffalo ny

No response yet. Oh, and they sent me this fucked up flow chart after I set up my profile and answered a bunch of their questions. My wife and I get a lot of these kinds of generic contacts on our swingers site profile. These examples of your responses to bird shot fishermen if I may do a bit of metaphor mixing have given me ideas how to respond next time. And I would suggest that if you want to get more looks on your profile make random changes to it, that will put your profile its recent activity.

Glad to see someone is getting use out of these things. One of the factors they pointed out was that everyone thinks they have a sense of humor, but. And, as a result, statistically, they are only slightly better than speed dating, and. One other thing OKC does is explicitly allow polyamorous people in, so their s have a bias towards the sort of people who are openly poly. It also lets you filter out those people, and is relatively good at letting you filter out wildly unsuitable people.

I found OkCupid was a useful way to find out more about people, and a few times linked up with people through FOAF pointers to profiles. Finding people directly has never worked for me, but the online dating world is changing fast enough that five years ago probably makes my experience almost irrelevant. As with Trivial Pursuit, the fun is less about the answers than in why the question was broken. So many questions are phrased badly or just unanswerable because of the assumptions they embody. Reminds me of my experience there… I stopped using it years ago, pretty much use skout and cliqie.

My girlfriends use cliqie. And I just suck at striking up conversation, whether face to face or in writing. One or two paragraphs! You must be logged in to post a comment. Don't have an ? DebGod Debbie is keenly interested in secularism, skepticism, magic and deception, LGBTQ issues, language and perception, and general geekery. She works at the Center for Inquiry as director of outreachdirector of African Americans for Humanismand intro-doer for Point of Inquiry. You can find her on Twitter: debgod. Related Articles. Log in to Reply. Hey, we got Bad Chart Thursday after all!

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Okcupid buffalo ny

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