Mavericks cape town review

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There's something exciting going on in Cape Town every week. Be the first to know what's new with our newsletter:. There is a very real sense of excitement as I approach the corner of Buitenkant and Barrack streets. A five-storey building with blackened windows looms ahead, and luxury cars line the street out front.

I think I know what to expect from this, or do I? Just before I step through the door, I realise that this is the key ingredient to a great night out - that feeling that anything might happen. This is the real deal. Three floors of entertainment spread out inside in club, starting with a general area filled with couches, semi-private booths, comfortable restaurant-style tables and high chairs at the bar. Overlooking the general floor, flush with the main dance ramp, is a mezzanine level with couches and private booths, and then above this is the VIP lounge.

The latter includes everything Mavericks has to offer, but is far more intimate and exclusive. Red velvet booths and curtains hug the walls of the lounge while comfortable leather armchairs fill the floor. There is a full bar up here, and just in front of that, a large brass bird cage with a swing dangles seductively - the dancers make this little feature distracting indeed.

And then there is The Library. This is quite special. Floor-to-ceiling bookshelves line the walls. Massive Chesterfield couches fill the room. The space gives you that sort of heady feeling of being rather untouchable. And you can hire it, with its own separate entrance, or visit for a fee on any night.

As I settle into a leather lounger on the mezzanine, a waitress arrives with a clutch of menus for food and drink. The choice of beverages is staggering, but I settle on a good scotch. In no time at all, my whisky arrives and a beautiful dancer struts onto the elevated stage. I barely know where to look. This happens throughout the night; there is not a moment when the main chamber is not dominated by two alluring entertainers. It is a non-stop attack on your sensibilities, in the best way possible. The dancers are certainly not shy — be prepared to be tempted into a private booth by an almost never-ending stream of beautiful woman from around the world.

Make no mistake, these are confident, charming individuals, and it takes some willpower to turn them down. Getting comfortable now, I realise it would almost be a pity to end up here after a night on the town. This feels more like a place to spend the evening, and the management has made every effort to fill the hours with highlights. Tonight, the music changes and what looks like the largest martini glass in the Southern Hemisphere is wheeled in front of the raised stage.

Two dancers emerge and delicately climb inside, undressing each other as they move to the music. The room is captivated. Thankfully the kitchen serves up fine food and sushi all night, with a bar menu available until 4am; no late-night drive-thru necessary then. Platters, steaks and gourmet burgers are the usual suspects, but each dish has its own unique twist.

Mavericks cape town review

The chow is all about the details, as is the case with the rest of the club. Looking around at the other guests, I notice that there are quite a few couples here. The venue is slick, the service is good and the entertainment is non-stop, even if you miss out on a private dance. There is no sleaze here, only the promise of a good show and the threat that anything could happen. In this case, the future hubby and the best man get in for free.

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Mavericks cape town review

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Mavericks cape town review

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Mavericks cape town review

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Mavericks cape town review

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A Maverick's night out in Cape Town