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It has been a fun ride so far, even when most of the year has been a huge trash fire outside and inside the world of professional wrestling. And both teams are laying their shit in tonight. The sparse crowd, after FTR jaw-jacks with them through out the match swells with Best Friends chants. Jim Ross calls Trent a racehorse while he trades chops with Dax Harwood. Chuck gets the hot tag and cleans house like a fire. Tully gets involved, and Chuck gets distracted by wanting to get his hands on him, and gets hit from behind. Trent hits a running knee strike hard and only gets a two-count.

He settles for knocking Dash Wheeler on his ass. Best Friends hit Strong Zero, but Wheeler interrupts the count. Kip is dejected and sends Penelope to grab Miro presumably. Chuck goes for the comeback as Harwood misses a belt shot from behind. Harwood knocks the referee out of the way as he reverses a waistlock, just as Wheeler hits Chuck with the belt and FTR gets the pin. Miro starts the match by giving Sean Maluta a hard shot. I love how Kip pairing with Miro is wholly an advantage for Kip, as he is in this tag team with someone so talented and … effective.

Kip being an opportunist has only been a small part of his character thus far, but with Miro, this trait is much more pronounced. Miro steamrolls Maluta without even breaking a sweat. He taunts Lee Johnson for good measure and then knocks him off the apron with one punch. Kip gets tagged in, hits a splash, and tags out. Miro slaps on Game Over for the win. Grade: A pretty fantastic showcase for Miro. Lee Johnson not even getting tagged in was a wonderful aspect of the match.

Like massages wrestling

For the most part, it looks like an easy walk to the finals for both Hangman and Kenny, but Fenix vs. Penta in the first round is an interesting setup. Hangman is a lock for the finals, but I suppose you never know; a curveball might be thrown. Max makes his way to the ring, Wardlow in tow like always. MJF thinks the fans are jealous of him because of what he has accomplished over the past year. He invites Chris Jericho to attend this purported huge announcement, and Jericho doesflanked by the Inner Circle like always. Sammy still paying his karmic debt, obviously.

After minutes of tomfoolery, Jericho wants Max to cut the shit. The rest of the group are vehemently against the idea, even Ortiz, who takes the mic to say so. Jericho then invites Max to a steak dinner Wednesday, and Max accepts. Jericho basically asking Max out on a date but making it seem like macho posturing was a pretty funny touch.

Like massages wrestling

Segment: Tony Schiavone is getting a massage with his good friend Dr. Britt Baker. Baker is getting a full skincare treatment as Tony interviews her. Rule 5, apparently bequeathed to Dr. Baker from J. I just want Orange to engage in some basic-ass chain wrestling just to shut his haters up! Championship Open Challenge-ass first reign with the TNT title was as successful as the reign it has garnered immediate and steadfast comparisons to; those matches were mostly really good stuff.

I find his Cool Boss character a little off— presenting himself in all his slick, corporate splendor but wanting to be the prestige hero—but his matches this year have almost entirely have been great. Darby Allin watches from the section.

Arn Anderson is studying his Waffle House menu. Cody teases forcing a hit on Orange and finally goes for the collar-and-elbow but misses. Cassidy puts his hands in his pockets after teasing a test of strength and Cody slaps the aviator shades off his face. But then they do lock up. Cody goes for a waistlock, Orange puts both hands in his pockets and kicks Cody off with both feet. Cody often feels flabbergasted by the genius of Orange Cassidy, but eventually gets the upper hand. Cody gets knocked into the crowd, where the Dark Order minus Brodie Lee are watching the show.

They all have a staredown, and John Silver comes in from behind to hit Cody with the belt. Cassidy takes it from Silver and Silver gets kicked out of the ringside area. For a split second, it seemed as though Cass was considering braining Cody with the title. But he passes it to Arn and gets back into the ring. Our Cool Boss continues to dominate— subsequent to a few brief comebacks by Orange— and starts to show off a little, which we know Arn hates.

Cassidy hits a huge diving DDT for a two-count. He nails a Michinoku Driver and gets another two-count. As the clock winds down, Orange struggles to break free from the Figure Four.

Like massages wrestling

Cassidy hits a Beach Break on the apron and struggles to get Cody in the ring before the count reaches ten, but he makes it in time. Cody kicks out of another Beach Break with seconds remaining. Orange ducks out of the Crossrhodes and secures a cradle, but time runs out as Paul Turner is counting. Referees and security are separating the two as Archer lays one of them out.

Like massages wrestling

He reveals himself as the person who attacked Matt Hardy from behind, even though it was no big mystery. And so the superkicks fly, and the Bucks trash the lottery which gives way to a brawl. Shida and Swole start with a handshake and Swole gets a facelock on, to which Shida counters into a facelock of her own, to which Swole counters into a wristlock.

Like massages wrestling

Lots of savvy counterwrestling in the opening minutes of this match. They bring the fight to the outside for a few and Shida displays her toughness. Swole goes for Dirty Dancing again, hits it, but Shida grabs the rope. Eventually, Shida hits Tamashii for the win. Highlight Package: Apparently, there is a feud brewing between Shawn Spears and Scorpio Sky, with Spears saying Sky stole his moment and he pledges to take it back from him.

He has had punishing encounters with some of the biggest and toughest challengers the company has to offer including but not limited to Jake Hager, Brodie Lee, and Brian Cagebut more importantly than that, he has given us a long reign from the perspective of the grouchy, fatalistic world champion. Usually world championships are a symbol of honor and prestige like with Dusty Rhodes or a status symbol or a bigger payday Ric Flairor the simple distinction of being the top star in professional wrestling virtually every other champion ever. Mox does relish in being the top of the food chain, but realizes the top of the food chain oftentimes gets hunted for sport.

Mox perfectly encapsulates the weary world champion who knows longevity as world champion is a miracle not many men can perform, and he may be on borrowed time. A member of the production team gets smashed through a plate glass display by Archer. Mox gets a Paradigm Shift on Archer immediately but only gets a two-count. Mox and Archer go back into the ring and nearly immediately back out, with Archer hitting a somersault senton off the apron. Mox, of course, spends a good portion of the match getting battered by Archer as Jake excitedly looks on. Tables are being set up and chairs are being used in this No DQ match.

Eventually, the trash can comes into play, and Archer nails Mox with it. Inside the ring, Mox hits another Paradigm Shift and Archer kicks out! Mox goes for the Bulldog Choke and really lays it in, but Archer breaks the hold by making it to his feet. After the match, Archer tries to continue the fight with Mox, but Kingston, Fenix, and Penta run him off.

Like massages wrestling

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