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Of the thousands of people murdered every year in the United States, several remain unidentified. Many of these individuals remain unidentified for years or even decades after their deaths.

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These cases include that of Tammy Jo Alexanderwho was murdered in and remained an unidentified decedent until[1] Reet Jurvetsonwho was murdered in and whose body remained unidentified for 46 years, [2] and Alisha Heinricha toddler thrown alive from the Interstate 10 bridge in and identified via genetic genealogy in Including murder victims and those who died via natural causes or otherwise, approximately 40, decedents remain unidentified in the United States. She was 5 feet 4 inches tall, weighed approximately to pounds, had a ruddy complexion indicating that she regularly engaged in outdoor activitywore an upper partial denture, and had dark-brown, shoulder-length hair, and brown eyes.

This decedent wore tennis shoes, knitted blue pants, a long-sleeved blue shirt, and white undergarments. It is possible that she was fishing at the area and was killed at the scene, as disturbances of the earth were discovered at the location of her discovery. Her remains were exhumed in both for additional examination and to obtain a DNA sample. The skull of a girl of African heritage was discovered on January 28,in Opelika, Alabama. More of her bones were also subsequently recovered, as well as some of her hair and a long-sleeved pink shirt with heart-shaped buttons.

Examiners concluded that she was between four and seven years old at the time of her death and had black hair. She is also pd to have been "abused and malnourished" while alive and her death is pd to be murder. Her height, weight and eye color could not be determined because of the advanced state of decomposition of her remains. The victim has since been forensically reconstructed by the FBI Victims Identification Project and currently has her DNA being processed to compare to potential matches. An isotopic analysis indicated she was from Alabama or a neighboring state. Subsequently, the photographs of an unidentified child seen at a Vacation Bible School in were linked with her.

The child seen alive appeared to be neglected and could have suffered abuse, as she had visible damage to one of her eyes. Eklutna Annie is a young white female with possible Native American heritage whose body was discovered on July 21,in EklutnaAnchorage, Alaska. This decedent is believed to have been in her late teens or early twenties at the time of her murder. Serial killer Robert Hansen confessed to murdering this woman, claiming she was either a prostitute or a dancer whom he stabbed in the back as she attempted to escape from his vehicle in late The skeletonized remains of a girl, nicknamed "Little Miss X," were found on a desolate road 10 miles southeast of the Grand Canyon in Coconino County, Arizona on October 31, Although no cause of death could be determined, the case has always been considered a homicide.

The girl was a white American with possible Hispanic or Latino ancestry ; she is estimated to have been between 11 and 14 years old at the time of her death. She was between 5 ft and 5 ft 3 in and cm in height. The victim had received good dental care during her life, having seven fillings in four of her teeth.

Her hair had been dyed a lighter brown from its natural dark brown. No clothing was found on the victim's body. However, a white wool cardigan short-sleeved sweater, a white cotton size 34C braand brown Capri pants with a green-and-red-plaid de were found at the scene. Investigators deduced the victim had been stripped naked prior to, or shortly after, being killed. A pair of white panties was also found, although they appeared to be too large for the victim. Her body was exhumed in for further examination.

However, due to poor record-keeping, no records exist indicating her re-burial site. The partially buried body of a female child was discovered by a schoolteacher in Congress, Arizona on July 31, Investigators determined via evident disturbances in the sand close to the actual burial site that whoever had buried the child had initially made several attempts to dig a deeper grave to conceal her remains. A forensic pathologist would determine that the body was that of a white girl between the ages of two and seven years old at the time of her death, with her most likely age being between three and six years old.

A local radio host named this decedent "Little Miss Nobody. More than 70 people attended the subsequent service. Although this child's DNA has been ed to national databases of missing persons, she has never been identified.

A woman estimated to be anywhere between 18 and 30 years of age was found deceased on July 10,in El Dorado, Arkansas in Room of the Whitehall Motel. She was known to have lived in various states prior to her death, including Texaswhere she apparently worked as a sex worker. Other reports explain she had been arrested in the past, using several of her aliases and had possibly been involved in a bank robbery on the East Coast.

A second cousin of the victim living in Alabama was identified by a genealogist using genetic genealogy after ing the unidentified woman's autosomal DNA to the GEDmatch database. The cousin did not recognize the victim but stated she resembled members of the family. The skeleton of a black woman between 18 and 40 years of age was discovered in Little Rock, Pulaski County, Arkansas on August 18, She had been shot in the head and was hidden underneath a pile of insulation.

She wore several articles of clothing, some of which were deed for men. Several pennies and a dollar bill were found in the pockets of her shirt and windbreaker pants.

Jefferson City iowa women nude

Her nose had been broken and her septum was reportedly slanted to the left side. Multiple ribs had ly healed from fractures. On December 24,an unknown homeless man was allegedly abducted and killed in San Francisco California during the Zebra murders of —; all that was found of his remains were his torso, arms, and legs. A young woman murdered in Her killer confessed to her murder in The body of a girl between the ages of 14 and 18 years was discovered on the side of a road on February 14,in Otay, California.

She had died two days prior. Her body was unrecognizable because it had been set on fire. The cause of her death was by poisoning and torture. An examination concluded that she was a white girl, between 5 feet and 5 feet 1 inch tall, weighing 85 to 90 pounds. Her eye color is pd to have been brown, although the autopsy did not confirm the color. Her hair was brown and tied back with a rubber band. The victim had had her ears pierced. Her right ear was deformed and was smaller than her left ear, which was a distinctive feature.

She had had a root canal done on her bottom right front tooth, which was split into two pieces.

Jefferson City iowa women nude

Up to 1, dollars is being offered for information on the case. Two women killed in July in Kern and Ventura Counties. Chouest was convicted in Three women, possibly sex workers, who were suspected to have been killed by Keith Hunter Jesperson during August and September The victim, estimated to have been between 14 and 24 years old, was located on August 7,at pm.

She had been strangled to death and set on fire. A passerby noticed what they thought was a pile of trash on fire, stopped to kick some dirt on it and realized it was actually a body. By the time firefighters arrived at the scene, her body was partially burned.

She had been deceased for several hours prior to discovery. Detectives suspect that she was strangled somewhere else before her body was dumped and set on fire. The fire was an attempt to hide the identity of the victim. She is estimated to have been 5'2" — 5'6" tall and weighed approximately pounds. Her build was described as "medium" and "somewhat obese.

She had black, medium-length hair underneath the wig. She had brown eyes. Her teeth were a little crooked and shifted to the right. She had extensive dental work performed during her life. She was wearing tan Levi's-type pants size smalla brown belt, a blouse with a multicolored flower pattern size mediuma white bra possibly an "A-cup"white panties, two yellow metal hoop earrings one in each eara yellow metal chain necklace with a medallion depicting Jesus Christ she may have been Catholicand a yellow metal ring on her left ring finger.

No shoes were found on her person. The NamUs Case is In archived news articles, she is often referred to as Jane Doe Her dental charts and fingerprints are available for comparison to missing persons. There is currently insufficient DNA for profiling. The body of a woman was found on March 29,in Holt, San Joaquin County, California inside of a refrigerator bound with rope near a road.

She had been murdered by a blow to the head with a blunt object around a year before she was found. The body was covered with a sleeping bag as well as a quilt. She was twenty-nine to forty-one years old and was five feet five to five feet seven inches at a weight of to pounds. She was white with strawberry-blond hair, had manicured nails and jewelry, including a wedding ring. She also possibly wore a charm necklace, as remnants of a leather band were located in her pocket. She wore a blue sweatshirt, denim shorts, a tee shirt, a bra, knee-high socks with various colors and expensive boots.

It is believed that the refrigerator with her remains originated from elsewhere in California and likely floated along a levee to the location it was found. About ten days after he was suffocated, an infant's body was located on a recycling conveyor belt on February 10,in Stanton, California. He was likely killed on the day he was born, as his placenta and umbilical cord had not yet been severed from his body. A towel was found nearby with blood on it, which may have been used during the birth and, later, to murder the infant. A newspaper and a plastic bag were also found at the scene.

The victim's ethnic background was difficult to determine, but he may have been African-American or Hispanic. His hair was black and curly, and his eyes were gray. Although he had been dead for over a week, his body was not badly decomposed; his face was still recognizable. For years, a Humboldt CountyCalifornia family kayaked past a half-buried white tennis shoe on the bank of the Eel River. One of their trips occurred on October 30, When the family noted a second shoe protruding near the first, the father investigated. When he pulled one of the Pro Wing shoes from the dirt, a foot came with it.

Once a Halloween prank was ruled out, the skeletal remains were deemed to belong to a homicide victim. The remains were determined to be have been buried for several years; they were of a white male 25 to 45 years old, with a stature of 5 feet 11 inches to 6 feet 5 inches.

Jefferson City iowa women nude

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