Independant escorts in newcastle

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For all the most erotic massage parlours and private escorts in Newcastle take a look at the listings below. Searching for a busty mature call girl? How about an exotic evening with a young college girl who is working at a Newcastle escort agency? Listed are some of the most beautiful independent escorts in Newcastle who are waiting for your call. All the escorts listed are independent and you call them directly, each escort will discuss your requirements and what they offer.

Independant escorts in newcastle

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Toni's story: My life on the NSW escorts scene started way back in Yeah, I've been around a while. I got into the game originally with two of my best friends. We'd travelled to NSW and planned on hitting Newcastle. We stopped in a local Newcastle brothel with the plan of doing some stripping and erotic dancing before finding an escort agency in Newcastle NSW. That never happened. We got into stripping here and the money was so good - we never left.

Eventually, we started to move more and more into private escort girl work - going home with clients from the strip club after-hours for extra cash. My two friends settled down with partners after a year or so and I moved on to working for an escort agency in Newcastle. I mean, damn, a lot has happened between then and now. I've had a long-term relationship of my own and have a young son because of it. But I always keep coming back to Newcastle escort work. I think I'll do it as long as guys are willing to pay to be with me. I'm so used to it now - the thought of doing anything else scares me to death.

Do I love my job? There have been times, especially in the early days, where it was pretty cool and wild. Now, it's just a job. I'm in my mid 30's now - so my mellow vibe probably has something to do with that. Hanna's story: I was working in a telemarketing call centre in downtown at 19 years old. I graduated high school but never went to college. The reason I started working as an escort in Newcastle is probably two-fold.

One: the telemarketing work was so boring and I hated office life. The thought of wasting away my youth doing a job like that killed me inside. Two: because I didn't go to college, I felt like I'd missed out on some of the fun and all the wildness that's associated with it. I wanted to be reckless. So, I started searching online for NSW escorts jobs and came across my local escort directory. The rest is history! I quickly started work at one of the local Newcastle massage parlours here and loved the work.

I didn't quit the telemarketing job until about a month later. So for one month, I was doing both jobs and that felt super weird. I was paranoid about being found out at the call centre. None of those people were my friends and I'd never see them again - so I stopped worrying. But left soon after. I've been working as a Newcastle escort now for about 2 years. Absolutely love it. The money is so good and the hours are flexible. Probably the hardest thing is, probably what you can imagine Trust me, it is a bit weird at the beginning but you soon get used to it and after a while, you find your own mental way of breezing through it.

I mentally leave the room when I'm with a client. Daisy's story: I grew up on a huge farm out in the countryside. My dad was the alpha male for the town.

Independant escorts in newcastle

Not only was he the head farmer, but he was also the preacher for our little parish church. I felt completely suffocated by him and his disciplines and expectations of me. So naturally, I rebelled and came to work in an erotic massage parlour in Newcastle. Yes, when I turned 18, I ran away from home and came to the bright lights.

I had no idea what I was going to do for money and was totally naive as to how much cost of living was. I'd never worked a job - other than for my dad, cleaning the church and working on the farm. I didn't know how much rent would be or how much groceries would be. Looking back, I was incredibly lucky to land on my feet as I did.

And because of that, people treated me well. When I went to the motel that first night and the older gentleman owner saw I had no money - he gave me a free room to keep me off the streets and safe. I had that free room for several months. I just had to help around the motel - cleaning and such.

During that time I met a cool guy who worked as security at one of the NSW massage parlours nearby. I started dating him. One thing led to another and I was soon in a room with my first client. I was just 19 at the time. Now I'm I still do this gig and still work for the same escort agency at the same massage parlour.

I have my own place though. The wounds have healed with my father but, of course, he doesn't know what I do for a living. Kerri's story: I think I'm one of the only trans escorts in Newcastle NSW that happens to be selling my type of ''speciality''.

I'm now I have a group of clients that I've been with for years now. Most of them feel like they're in a relationship with me. They buy me flowers and chocolates on my birthday and on holidays. The single ones ask me to vacation with them in the likes of Florida and Mexico. Most are married and ''straight'' through and aren't getting the love they want at home.

The average age of my clients is, I would say, the mids. Being a trans girl with no skills in general, and over 40 - I didn't have too many choices.

Independant escorts in newcastle

I just decided to carry on doing in Newcastle what I'd been doing my whole life in Bangkok being a ladyboy escort. I was very lucky to find a nice NSW escort agency to work for and I've been with them for nearly two decades. Independent Escort Listings Directory.

Independant escorts in newcastle

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