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As a member of the city council, she hopes to use Liz Garza Williams. And a woman who is winning accolades for the work she is doing to guide a beloved San Antonio icon into its next stage is Paula Owen, president of the Southwest School of. Art, featured this issue in Artbeat. What they have in common is a passion for sport shooting. They may prefer game, trap or skeet, but they all enjoy the camaraderie. Each has her own area of expertise, but all work hard to improve the lives of their clients. At Home visits the updated condominium of a couple who were ready to down.

The Guy to Know is Dr. Joseph Perry, a dentist committed to finding the best denture solutions for his patients. Women are more likely to die of cardiovascular disease than the next four causes of death combined, including all forms of cancer.

Beauty reminds you to protect your skin. New in this issue is a Business News column by entrepreneur Linda Elliott. Our annual Guide to Private schools can help you as a new school year approaches. Their true-life stories may inspire you to volunteer or otherwise assist their worthy efforts. Please visit us at www. And do your best to stay cool. Reproduction in any manner in whole or part is prohibited without the express written consent of the Publisher.

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Housewives wants sex TX San antonio 78208

San Antonio Woman does not knowingly accept false or misleading advertisements or editorial, nor does the Publisher assume responsibility should such advertising or editorial appear. Articles and photographs are welcome and may be submitted to our offices to be used subject to the discretion and review of the Publisher. This information is useful when dealing with my year-old mother. Jeff Degner grew up in the Pacific Northwest, where his love of craft beer and pinot noir was first established.

He later traveled around the world with his wife and discovered a deeper appreciation for wine and food. He then left his technology life behind and fully submerged himself in the food and wine industry. Extras are also needed for Snow White and The Nutcracker. Auditions will be held Aug. For more information, contact Karin L. These women, who on the surface may not seem to have much in common, share an intense love of shooting for sport. But whether they prefer game, trap-or skeet, the one thing they all agree on is that there is a camaraderie that exists among female shooting enthusiasts that draws women from all walks of life to the sport.

Loretta Behrens is like going on a domestic safari. A zebra rug is splayed across a living room floor not far from where an enormous cape buffalo head is mounted. A majestic leopard gazes down from a dining room wall, while a row of roe deer skulls oversees the kitchen. Plus you get to work with the dogs, which is always fun. Loretta and her husband have acquired these trophies from their extensive travels and hunting trips both personally and through their business, Expedition Adventures, a company Col.

Loretta Behrens that organizes small-group hunting and fishing trips in exotic locations like Kenya and Argentina. It was a. Her favorite game? You might think that someone who has shot red-legged partridges in Spain and hunted guinea fowl at the base of Mt. Kilimanjaro would be nonplussed about what Texas has to offer. Janet Molak When a friend talked Janet Molak into attending her first hunt more than two decades ago, the San Antonio native landed more than just a couple of doves — she landed a husband too! Today, Janet and Mike. Molak still enjoy the sport that brought them together more than 23 years ago, and in the past three years, Janet has become extremely active on the trapshooting circuit.

What she soon discovered was that shooting competitions were unlike any other type of sport she had experienced. Because of the people. During one competition in which she ran out of bullets, Janet recalls another competitor from Oklahoma coming over to offer her a shell and some pointers. Her daughter will begin her junior year at Keystone in the fall, while her son just graduated from Alamo Heights. Educating and helping the next generation of shooting enthusiasts, especially females, pursue their passion is something about which Janet feels strongly.

But one of her favorite things about the sport itself is the fact that it is something that she and her husband can share for years to come. While some go to improve their average or train for competition, others simply go for the unique female bonding that can only occur among a group of women holding shotguns.

Judge Genie Wright falls into the latter category. If diversity is a requirement, Genie has it in spades. A Georgia native, she was 40 years old when she decided to attend law school at the University of Iowa.

Housewives wants sex TX San antonio 78208

The mother of three grown children, she and her husband renowned organ transplant surgeon Dr. Francis Wright have moved many times over the years as he built his career. In they settled in San Antonio, where Dr. Wright now serves as the director of organ transplantation for the Texas Transplant Institute and Genie has been on the bench in Bexar County Court 7, one of only two domestic violence courts, since being elected in She and her husband are season ticket holders at the Houston Grand Opera and travel to Santa Fe annually for shows.

Her leisure-time activities include an extensive amount of service to the community she loves. Born and raised in San Antonio, Stacie, who works as a pharmaceutical rep, was always a right-hand, right-eye shooter. The removal of a benign brain tumor in changed all that and with remarkable. After competing for only three short years, Stacie has won countless titles, including the Lady Grand American Handicap Championship in in Sparta, Ill. Earlier this year, she made both the All American Ladies Trapshooting Team and the Ladies Texas Trapshooting Team, and this petite blonde dynamo shows no s of slowing down.

And this confident shooting champ finds gun handling empowering. Fishing, hunting, golfing, water skiing Hand this gal a gun and stand back!

Housewives wants sex TX San antonio 78208

One of the top 25 female trap shooters in the United States, Stacie tells a story that is nothing short of miraculous. His goal was for her to accompany him on his hunting trips. Primarily a skeet shooter, Elise realized that there were other women who shared her enthusiasm for the sport, and she saw a real opportunity for the Gun Club to increase its membership by focusing on this demographic.

The league began by meeting on Tuesday nights after the Gun Club was closed, and women from all levels were encouraged to come take lessons from certified instructors. The No. No men allowed! Elise, who owns the company Ad Graphics, became a certified Level One instructor and holds the distinction of being only the second female president of the Gun Club.

In just two short years, the member-based organization became so successful that his wife, Susan, left her career as a teacher and high school guidance counselor to take over as the full-time director of operations. As the mother of two boys, Susan says she feels strongly that educating kids on wildlife and safe hunting practices is crucial to instilling a healthy respect for guns. To be considered, students submitted essays on their favorite family hunting memory.

Housewives wants sex TX San antonio 78208

I am excited to see what is on the horizon. The family bonding is something that Susan hopes to share with families who may not have the opportunity otherwise. She is currently deing and implementing two programs through the association that will make it easier for those children who want to hunt to take advantage of the sport. The first is a mentoring program targeted to children who have the desire to learn, but do not come from hunting families. The program will provide these children with the adaptive equipment necessary to get them out in the field with their families.

Here, they will learn every aspect from gun safety to the cleaning of the bird, and they will celebrate with a cookout on the grounds. Susan, who helped start the Make-A-Wish chapter in the Rio Grande Valley, knows firsthand the joy that comes from fulfilling the desire of for whom something like this might be impossible. Between fundraising shoots, member meetings and running the association, Susan has a full plate, but she still manages to find the time to hunt with her husband and sons, creating her own lifelong memories.

Early for my appointment with architect Madeline Anz Slay, I kill some time by driving around the Balcones Heights neighborhood where both her office and home are located. Quaint benches are positioned against the low front wall, and the entrance door is a heavy, handcrafted affair that challenges your arm muscles. We bought it from the city in We want to revitalize the city.

We are close to the Medical Center. My husband and I can get to the airport in no time. The small city is lucky to have her.

Housewives wants sex TX San antonio 78208

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