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Georgia Brooks is a fictional character from the Australian soap opera Neighboursplayed by Saskia Hampele. The actress was travelling through Kakadu with her boyfriend when she received a call from her agent about a regular role on Neighbours. Hampele was then asked to film an audition for the show and she said that she could not turn down the opportunity to play Georgia.

She also believed that she was meant to get the part because the character was originally called Daisy, a nickname her boyfriend and friends call her. Hampele made her first screen appearance as Georgia during the episode broadcast on 5 October Hampele decided to leave the show in to pursue new acting opportunities, and Georgia made her departure in the same month. She later returned for guest appearances in August and April Georgia was introduced to Neighbours as the cousin of established character Toadfish Rebecchi Ryan Moloney and she soon moved in with him and his partner, Sonya Eve Morey.

Georgia is a graduate nurse from the country. Hampele stated that she is a positive person, while writers for TV Week and Soap World described her as being "bubbly" and "vivacious". When Georgia's childhood sweetheart, Scotty Boland Rhys Uhlichwas introduced, she began questioning their relationship after developing feelings for Kyle Canning Chris Milligan.

After Georgia learned that Scotty was gay, she went on a downward spiral and briefly lost her job at the hospital due to a drugs scandal. Georgia later became engaged to Kyle, developed a singing career, had a miscarriage and a cancer scare.

Girls for sex Brooks Georgia

On 1 Augustit was announced that Hampele had ed the cast of Neighbours as Georgia Brooks, the cousin of established character, Toadfish Rebecchi played by Ryan Moloney. The actress thought that she was meant to get the part because the character was originally named Daisy, a nickname Tremills and her friends have given her. I took an instant liking to him and see him as an older brother. He's been able to show me the ropes a little bit. Moloney quipped that she was another mouth to feed and the house was becoming a bit full what with the baby arriving too.

He's stuck with someone who agrees with Sonya's hippy birthing ways. But it's lovely to have another member of the family on the street. Hampele later commented that she enjoyed playing Georgia, explaining "life keeps throwing some pretty heavy stuff her way, but she always maintains her integrity and optimism, even if it gets challenged along the way. She's a great role model - she's caring, loving, naive - but can also be strong, independent and fearless when she needs to be.

Instead Kyle Canning Chris Milligan gives Georgia the support she needs, leaving her with some questions about her future with Scotty. When she decides to spend the afternoon at a fundraising barbecue with Kyle, Georgia starts to feel guilty about ditching Scotty for the day and quickly leaves.

She and Kyle spend the afternoon together raising funds for baby Patrick, and Georgia has a great time. That's when she realises there's an attraction. Kyle believes that Georgia's feelings for Rhys will lead her to have her heart broken and he urges her to mend her relationship with Scotty, which leaves Georgia "gutted".

The actress continued that Georgia has been brought up to stand by her man, so her feelings about Scotty are conflicted. However, a "bewildered" Georgia turns him down. They both know deep down that they have feelings for each other but something just isn't working in their favour yet. Georgia and Scotty later get back together and Scotty comes to stay with her on Ramsay Street. Georgia is grateful when Scotty appears unaware of her attraction to Kyle.

Girls for sex Brooks Georgia

She also scolds Kyle for being jealous when Scotty informs her that Kyle has been "mistreating" him. Georgia is initially unwilling to believe the story, until Scotty confirms he is gay. In Aprilit was announced that Georgia would become involved in a drugs scandal storyline. A Soap World reporter wrote that Georgia is "ashamed to be around anyone who knows her. When Pete rejects her kiss, she becomes even more embarrassed and starts suffering from insomnia. Georgia accepts the pills as she wants to forget her problems and she enjoys a night of hard partying. When asked how she felt about the storyline, Hampele replied that she enjoyed it, especially as it meant that she got to explore another layer of her character's personality.

Girls for sex Brooks Georgia

She realises that she left Pete alone with the keys to the store when he came into the hospital again, but struggles to admit that to anyone. When Georgia is forced to reveal the truth about her own drug use, she is shocked and devastated when she is fired from the hospital. However, I think she has only touched the surface as a nurse and hospital settings provide some of the most interesting storylines, so I would definitely like to see her remain as a nurse.

Georgia's reputation is restored and she is allowed to return to work. I think they've done a really good job at just finding two characters who just work together. They share very similar values… They fall in love and I'd like to see a happily ever after for the couple. Once Georgia's life settles down, she and Kyle start spending "quality time" with each other. When they believe their relationship is in a good place, Georgia and Kyle have sex for the first time. Milligan commented "Just when Kyle thinks they're making progress, Georgia springs this on him.

He tried the long-distance thing with his ex, Jade, and it didn't work. The talk with Scotty helps Georgia to overcome her insecurities and she and Kyle make up. Not long after Scotty's visit, Georgia and Kyle face their next challenge when Kyle is temporarily blinded during an eclipse.

Even though Kyle always tries to be there for her, she just keeps pushing him away. And then Kyle has this terrible accident and that puts a massive strain on both of them. She also found it difficult to have an "emotional response" with Milligan.

Girls for sex Brooks Georgia

Hampele told an Inside Soap reporter that as Georgia is an impulsive character, she thought it was perfect that she made the snap decision to propose to Kyle. Georgia's cousin Gemma Reeves Kathryn Beck discovers Kate and Kyle's affair after hacking into Kate's and finding an unsent from Kate to Kyle detailing their one-night stand.

She does not give them a chance to explain and is unsure whether they are even still continuing the affair. During an appearance on The Wright Stuff in May Hampele revealed that Georgia would be doing some singing in the show. However, the producers received positive feedback and they continued to show Georgia singing.

Hampele got to record the song in real-life and it was later available to download. In Decembera reporter for the Press Association announced that Georgia would be shocked to learn that she was pregnant with Kyle's child in the new year. The reporter added that Georgia would "struggle" with telling Kyle her news. After taking a pregnancy test, which turned out to be positive, Georgia had mixed emotions. She's always imagined Kyle would be the person she would do all those things with.

While suffering from severe morning sickness, Georgia collapsed during a gig at Charlie's, leading to Kyle discovering that she was pregnant. This baby was something they were really looking forward to. In AugustGeorgia experienced a cancer scare. After she developed a sore throat, she got it checked out by Karl, who found a large lump.

One of her biggest concerns is the thought of leaving Kyle behind. Also, she knows how much her mum's cancer diagnosis rocked her family. Georgia's surgery appeared to go well, but while she was in recovery, her health took a turn for the worse. However, the stitches in her throat rupture and she starts coughing up blood. However, he later had to inform Georgia that she would probably not sing professionally again. On 18 Mayit was confirmed that Hampele had left Neighbours and had filmed her final scenes earlier in the year.

Georgia found a research centre in the country that offered an effective treatment for the disease. Two months later, it was revealed that Hampele had filmed some extra scenes which had yet to air. She reassures him nothing physical happened between Greg and herself but admits there was a connection and asks to be set free. Hampele later reprised her role to facilitate Milligan's exit from Neighbours. It's been an amazing journey seeing them grow and mature as a couple, and it feels like the right outcome to have them live happily ever after Georgia comes to Erinsborough after getting a nursing job at the local hospital.

She moves in with her cousin Toadie and his family on Ramsay Street. Georgia befriends Kate Ramsay Ashleigh Brewer helps to organise a bush dance for the school formal, befriending Kyle Canning in the process. Karl Kennedy reprimands Georgia for not filing paperwork correctly and gives her some files to sort through. Georgia comes across a patient file that contains few details and learns that her colleague, Aidan Foster Bobby Morleycreated a fake file for Andrew Robinson Jordan Smith.

Girls for sex Brooks Georgia

Aidan asks Georgia not to reveal what he has done, but she tells Karl and Aidan is suspended. Georgia's boyfriend, Scotty, arrives and becomes jealous of her friendship with Kyle. Georgia notices that a newborn Patrick Villante Lucas MacFarlane has a heart problem and she struggles with the emotional impact of her job. When Scotty fails to support her, she becomes closer to Kyle. His grandmother, Sheila Colette Manntries to discourage Georgia's crush on him.

Georgia breaks up with Scotty, but soon learns Kyle is dating someone else. Georgia organises a charity camp out for the hospital and when Scotty asks her to try again, she agrees. Georgia later accepts Scotty's marriage proposal. But before they can elope, Kyle informs Georgia that Scotty made sexual advances towards Chris Pappas.

Scotty does not deny Kyle's accusations and he flees Erinsborough, leaving a brief written apology behind. Georgia works extra shifts at the hospital and tries to avoid Chris. She is also prescribed some sleeping pills by Karl. Georgia goes for a drink with her patient Pete Clark.

Pete later gives Georgia drugs and she spends the night partying with him.

Girls for sex Brooks Georgia

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