Emerald city port charlotte

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Met a friendly attractive lady who seemed sincerely interested in talking to me. Her name is Minx Ashley. She has an athletic body and intelligent.

Emerald city port charlotte

Ask her for a lap dance and after she will spend time with you. Because I couldn't walk the graduation stage due to Covid the owner set me up with the chance to walk on the stage and have a stripper give me my diploma, and then everyone gave me a lap dance on stage. Was recommended by a friend to come here for my 21st birthday.

I was made to feel very welcome and everyone was nice and Polite. Cracked some jokes with FredNico was super understanding with my lack of drink knowledge and was kind enough to recommend some, Rob the other bartender was also just as kind on my next visit, and Kat was super sweet and made sure I was comfortable. I had an overall amazing time on both sides, and would definitely recommend this place.

Just keep a good attitude and remember to tip your dancers! Cool place but has its flaws. The good: clean place, not super Smokey, drinks are reasonably priced and the women for the most part are pretty attractive. They have pool tables in both clubs which is definitely out of the norm but very cool. And last but not least this place is fully nude! The bad; Most dancers aren't that ambitious in this place. Girls turn down dances and act as if busy.

Only had one girl ask for a dance. They don't serve drinks in the actual club you have to go next door. It had decent women and is close to home if you reside in the Port Charlotte FL area. There is a cover charge I believe to be 15 bucks but no alcohol I side the strip club only alcohol can be had next door at bikinis Which is just a topless entertainment atmosphere that is allowed to sell you alcohol.

Went to this place for a bachelor party. Talked to the dancer to get a lap dance for the groom. She was never able to give the dance.

Emerald city port charlotte

Started at 11 pm and left 1 30 am with out ever getting a dance. They ran a con trying to get us to throw tons of ones out for the dancers who only seem to work for ones. When that didnt work they tried selling wristbands to VIP area.

Emerald city port charlotte

Dont waste your time with this place they will just make you upset you went there at all. I had a good experience there. Staff were cool and bartenders treated me well. Naomi is the dancer I like among them. You can't drink where the girls at and don't ever tip Canadian money you will get a bad experience lol. Staffs pretty rude, the intertainers dont interact with you unless your up in there face. Wouldn't recommend it especially if it's your first time. Pretty much got to know them to even get a chance for a dance.

It's aight There's a few dancers in there that look good but they got an attitude like they ain't dancing in a hole in the wall. Please tell me how a gentleman's club runs out of beer? I feel so bad for the girls. All organizations All cities. Emerald City Gentlemans Club. Visit the website. Dakota is amazing she's everything you could want. Would not let me bring my kitten inside to enjoy the show with me. They didn't let my cat in. Very nice girls! I had a wonderful time! Only place n this area diana has bikini drinks naked girls nextdoor. Hope Jade is working as that is on point.

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Emerald city port charlotte

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Emerald city port charlotte

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