Cheating fuck stories

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This category has been known to get a little fucked up on my blog, I have had normal cheating stories and stories which involve step-fathers and even friends. Update: We have real cheating stories with real images ed by fans, my friends, and even a few from myself and my past lovers.

All of this content is on my private erotic membership. She planned it for when my wife and her husband were not home, seducing me on the couch as we sat close. She blew my mind and made me moan like I had never done before. Now what do I do? The sex we had was Oscar-worthy and we both made each other cum so hard and so intensely that all thoughts of her being married went out of the window.

Cheating fuck stories

Completely out of the blue and unexpected my mother in law went down on me and gave me a blowjob that blew my mind, I had never felt anything so incredible. A wife shares her husband with women they meet online, she leaves hearing her husband fuck these women and pleasure them, getting herself off in the meantime.

A young couple dips their toes into the wonderful world of swinging, swapping one another for the first time and letting the events unfold into something mysteriously and uniquely wonderful.

Cheating fuck stories

A normal night of fun between friends turns into a horny orgy pretty quickly as hormones and pheromones get the better of them all. All begin swapping partners and doing things they never usually would have dreamt of. A steamy, seductive story of a petite young secretary being seduced and seducing her boss.

A must-read. A true delight it is to read this story, this naughty, naughty woman is seduced and seduces her father in law after her marriage starts turning rocky with her husband.

Cheating fuck stories

An absolute masterpiece and a huge fantasy for lots of people this story really brings to light how kinky some people can be. Tasting her father in laws cum and even commenting on how much better he is than her husband are just a few memorable moments from this insane cheating sex story. Naughty Lucy is caught by her boyfriend fucking his much more handsome older brother at their garden party.

Lucy has her reasons and the happiness she feels when she is caught with her ass in the air, his cock filling her pussy and his finger in her ass is utterly ecstatic. Shawn is one daring man as he is seduced by the babysitter after a bad night out with his wife. He and the naughty babysitter fuck right their on the couch, with absolutely no shame.

Cheating fuck stories

Read all about how this babysitter rocks his world and sends him into a whirlwind of pleasure, bliss and total happiness. Another one of my favorite stories from Samantha. I loved reading this and I know you will too.

Cheating fuck stories Cheating fuck stories

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Cheating Stories