Adu portland oregon

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For all of those considering build an accessory dwelling unit, what should the budget be is always one of the biggest questions that needs to be answered. It is definitely one of the most frequently asked questions we receive, and unfortunately it is also a challenging question to give a simple answer to. The truth is, the cost of an ADU really depends on a range of factors. However, we hope that this post can break down the cost and give you some ranges to consider as you develop your ADU budget.

Adu portland oregon

There are two main buckets of money that your total budget can be separated into: Soft Costs and Hard Costs. The Hard Costs are all of the materials and labor that goes into the construction of the project itself. While the soft costs are all of the other fees and expenses needed to get your project ready to build. Below we will describe each in more detail, what is included, and an estimation of costs based on historic data. The soft costs include all of the expenses needed to get the ADU project to the point where you are ready to break ground with construction.

The main expenses include the de fees, permitting fees, and consultant fees. Hiring a great deer to work with you and develop your ADU project is vital to the success of your project. This is how you will define the look and feel of your project, how the ADU will integrate into your property and compliment your main house, and also make all the decisions that affect the construction cost for the project.

It is also important to hire an experienced ADU deer who knows the codes and regulations that affect your project, thus making the permitting and approval process as straight forward as possible. For this investment you get a tremendous value as smart de decisions can save thousands of dollars by making de decisions on paper and avoiding costly change orders during construction.

We always recommend investing in a great experienced deer who has worked on many ADU projects and knows strategies to make these smaller sized homes successful and wonderful places to live. At New Avenue we create a full quote for the project including a break down of our de fees after our initial consultation. This gives our clients some cost certainty so it is easier for you to keep track of project expenses. Many experts are needed in order to complete a high-quality ADU de. It starts with the primary deer of the project, but they still need to engage other consultants and experts in order to complete their work and meet the codes and regulations.

Our de team has relationships with an excellent team of consultants that we call on for various aspects of our work. This can include:. Structural Engineers - we engage a structural engineer on all of our projects. They help do the framing drawings, structural details, and structural calculations that are required by the permit reviewers.

They also help address seismic issues and de foundation systems that are custom to the specifics of your property. Surveyors - it is important to identify the exact locations of any existing structures, trees, property lines, and other features of your property. We also need to know the topography to make sure the de responds to and is deed to compliment the land. We ask clients to get a survey of their property at the begining of each project.

Adu portland oregon

Landscape Deers - this is optional but highly recommended. ADUs are most successful when the architecture responds to the existing conditions and blends into the landscape. The smaller sized homes also benefit for outdoor spaces like patios, decks, and gardens. And with two residences on one property, using landscape to create some privacy between units as well as areas where people can gather can make these projects more successful.

Adu portland oregon

Landscape de can be done by a Landscape Architect or as part of a de-build landscape team. Arborists - if you have large trees on your property we like to preserve them and limit any damage during construction. The city also requires preserving trees in some situations so an Arborist could be necessary to create a tree preservation and root protection plan. Geotechincal Engineers - this typically only comes into play if we are building an ADU on a steeply sloped site or there is some other extenuating circumstance, like a wetlands or landslide zone.

If there is a particularly challenging site they fees could go up. Civil Engineers - we rarely need civil engineers on our accessory dwelling unit project in Portland, but they can come into play. We have seen them needed for projects that were rebuilding sidewalks, adding curb cuts, or making other adjustments to the public right of way. They also could be needed if you are looking to do major site changes, adding ro or driveways, or adding water management systems on your property.

They can range from a few thousand dollars to tens of thousands of dollars depending on the scope of work. We typically would get an estimate for their work only if we discover that they are necessary to complete a project.

Adu portland oregon

And others - the above consultants are the most common ones we have used on ADU projects in Portland. If we discover that any additional consultants may be needed we will inform you during our research for the project. Most often we have the clients contract directly with these consultants. We will coordinate their work with the de work, but by having you contract and pay them directly it saves time and money. However, in some cases clients prefer for us to include consultants within our de fees and we can accommodate that upon request. The City of Portland is actively trying to promote the construction of ADUs and thus has some beneficial permitting fee options to incentivize these projects.

Most permits include permit review fees and system development charges SDC. The review fees include the cost of having city staff process, review, and approve the de drawings. Whereas the impact fees cover the cost of city departments and infrastructure costs like parks, transportation, schools, sewer and water systems, etc.

To make ADUs more affordable and encourage people to build more housing, the City is currently waiving most of the SDC fees for accessory dwelling units that are used as long-term housing. The final cost varies based on the water fees assessed during the permit review, and whether the city will have to upgrade the water meter. Alright, so you have hired a de team, they engaged the necessary consultants, and the permits have been approved.

Now is the exciting step of starting construction of your new ADU! All of the expenses up to this point have been soft cost, but now that construction is beginning the expenses from here on out are considered hard costs. This includes all of the materials and labor need to get your project built. The reason the de phase is so important is that it the time where you are making all of the decisions that ultimately lead to the hard costs. The general contractor is pricing the project based on the drawings.

They need to know what materials to buy, what systems to install, and the quantities of everything they need to order. They also have to manage all of the subcontractors needed to complete the work as well as their own construction crews.

The more detailed the de drawings, the easier it is for the General Contractor to manage the project and be accurate with their construction bid. We all want to avoid change orders. They can increase the hard costs of your project ificantly. The reason is that it is always more expensive to make changes to things under construction than it is to make decisions on paper.

As a de-build team we aim to avoid change orders on our projects. Our builders look to stick to the drawings and our deers are experienced in guiding our clients to make all the important decisions during the de phase.

Adu portland oregon

We also encourage our clients not to make changes during the construction phase, or at least talk to the de team before requesting a change. It is important to know how changes could affect the hard costs before pursuing them. It is important for us to share some actual s to help clients set realistic budgets.

Adu portland oregon

It is hare to get below that with current labor and material prices without ificantly sacrificing on quality. The major variables to cost are the complexity of the site, the size and complexity of the de, and then the quality of materials and systems. It is a 2-bedroom ADU on top of a two-car garage. At sf the ADU is not large, but with the garage below, the cantilevered structure, the natural cedar siding that the interior materials it required a larger investment than a simple single-level box.

We are happy to discuss your goals and ideas and offer any insight we can to help you along the process. Nov 16 Written By Guest User. De Fees Hiring a great deer to work with you and develop your ADU project is vital to the success of your project.

This can include: Structural Engineers - we engage a structural engineer on all of our projects. Permitting Fees The City of Portland is actively trying to promote the construction of ADUs and thus has some beneficial permitting fee options to incentivize these projects.

Hard Costs Alright, so you have hired a de team, they engaged the necessary consultants, and the permits have been approved. Start Your Project. Guest User.

Adu portland oregon

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